Shoplifting Affects Us All!

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Shoplifting Is Stealing. Why kids shoplift & how to help them make better choices. A guide for parents, teachers & communities.

Shoplifting Is StealingbyJudy Whalen

This very well written book by author Judy Whalendives into a topic which affects everyone.
From the cost of the goods that we buy in stores to the suspicious eyes that watch us while we shop — shoplifting is why.
Stores must recoup money lost to shoplifting and employ cameras and mirrors that WE have to pay for. These are some of the sad facts that drive prices.
Most parents aren’t even aware that their kids may be shoplifting until they get caught!
The facts are alarming: 89% of children know kids who shoplift and 66% of kids say they hang out with those kids. What’s more, 46% of high school kids say they have shoplifted in the past year!
Equally disturbing is…

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